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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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the bizarre and tragic death of "star trek" anton yelchin. >> i seriously it's like being a little kid. then the star power of lebron james. as hollywood celebrates his victory. plus scorching summer couples. >> happy birthday. o cf1 o inside gwen satefnis birthday bash for blake. how mrs. swift got hollywood's new it guy. now for june 20, this is entertainment tonight . 27-year-old actor anton yelchin and best known for playing star trek wa killed in a
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accident at home this weekend his own caroled down a steep driveway and pinned him against his gate andmailbox. so very tragic and this all just one month before the release of his big summer movie. >> yes, star tr beyond. i spent some time on the set in vancouver and all i can say is he was a promising light thatt was extinguished too soon. >> i played in t new star trek film. >> it's not easy to step into a but for anton, it was. as paval, >> i lov pushing fake buttons all daa. i seriously love it. it's like being a little kid. >> for anton yelchin the idea of being a little kid was at his very core for anyone who ever knew him spent time with him. his playfulness was contagious. >> these are the types of
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>> i witnessed it with him on the set of star trek and beyond last year. >> he was downright giddy in 2009 when he and co-star john choe got their first look at their very first action figures. >> how exciting is it to have your own action figure. >> apparently. >> completely abso >> i grew up playing with these things. now i have one. it's just spectacular. >> but beyond anton's playfulness was a serious a who knew from the time he was a child that no dream was too big, no goal beyond his reach. >> i want to be actor, director, writer and philosopher. >> that's 11 dwreerld anton in 2001 doing publicity for hearts in atlantis . he would work alon robert donny junior. not bad for a wh
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in russia to parents who were both professional figure skaters. >> did you ever think you be a skater. >> no, i'm terrible. >> are you. >> yes. >> was that a huge sdoimt to your parents. >> i tso. i'm still trying to live that down. >> but you've made over 40 movies. >> they don't care: they was their dream for me and they're upset. >> wi "star trek beyond" set to open last month, that marked anton's final journey to the ffnal frontier. reaching for stars is what he loved best. >> i had west time with these people. they're the loveliest, funn people to be arnold. such a privilege to be around intelligent funny people. it makes t days go by so fas >> got to tell you, looking at that moment and being there on the set, he was such a n gentle soul. he hung out with me our crew while he was wi
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>> everybody hollywood reiterating that today and very, very young. our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. >> please, may he rest in peace. we move on now to big story and last night, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers won the nba championship. here they arriving back home in cleveland today. ohio, everyone is just crazy. >> the cavaliers upsetting the warriors. phe most viewed game ever. more than 30 million people watchin all of us on the edge of our seats. lebron james crying like a bab tough guy getting all emotional. i couldn't get enough of that. i knew you men loved him forever, but now all the women have. >> it was an emotional nigh lebron james named the mvp. here's the big question with that title under his belt, is he set to become a heavy weig here in hollywood. >> it's over. it's over. cleveland is the city of champions once again.
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overcome with emotion. two years promised his hometown in writing he would bring t city their first nba championship. >> i set out a goal to bring a championship to this city. i put my heart, my sweat, my blood into the this game. cleveland, this is foryou. >> the win, the tears, the home koming today. >> all making lebron an even more bankable star in hollywood. don't expect much of an offseason for la beloeeron. now a starring role in the upcoming space jams two movie in the works. >> sorry to interrupt. are we watching downtown ab by later. >> my boy got intimate. sexual intercourse. >> never forgetting where ehad comes from, he insisted on special screening in
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cleveland. >> we're in akron ohio because lebron is hosting us for a premier of train wreck r here in his hometown. >> everything i sdo is for the city. makes sense. >> i'm so excited to bring you here for the premier. this is what it's all about. >> lebroo proudly showing off -plocal spots to his co-star an director. >> first of all, i think i should direct i love that idea. >> i was thinking doing one continuous shot. >> like birdman. i didn't know anyone knew what i was going to get to. it's one continuous >> that sounds terrible. >> as for train wreck two, lebron says he wants to do a part two of train wreck, a you down for that. >> any time, as long as we don't shoot inakron. just kidding lebron. >> he's a great ago torp though. >> he really is. b
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reason to celebrate this weekend. father's day of course. gwen stefani helped her man celebrate his birthday. it was the big 40 forblake. gwen helping him celebrate all weekend long. happy b to my favorite person i ever met. hashtag, super babe. the party started friday night with a romantic dinner in west holl then came a dip in the the pool on saturday. this is how you start your 40s. would agree with that. then it was off to colorado in a private jet where blake had a gig at a country place in grand junction. he invit gwen on stage where they sang their song, go ahead and break my heart. >> where were gwen's three boys. off to han
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father's day. >> happy father's day to the most perfect man luna and i could ever ask for. diapers. get all the best perks. >> maybe a saturday night party in loss vegas with mariah carey. yes. that is mariah. all in goodfun. the next day mariah spent father's her ex, nick, their two young ones. you think the exs don't get al forget that. leaving the haters in the wind, they want us to be mad so bad. best father's day ever an miley was certainly wearing her emotions on her back. posti shot in a minor error. that's called wearrng your fian your back. rumored fiance,
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she is wearing the ring. maybe she will be with him tonight at the premier of the movie indepennence day resur gent. we are going to be there. new trend in male modeling. happens tt be having a famous last name. >> we saw the action this weekend at the show in milan. if you can guess the good genes behind runway stands press apply gerber. son of cindy crawford. he has steel stair down. mom, cindy, posting this shot to instagram with the caption my little boy all grownup. sister is a too. >> who better to guide th i feel like i'll be a great guide. >> also on the runway,
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jude. millennial models filled up the front row. luke gar. gabriel cain and pamela anderson and tommy lee's son, brandon. >> he's gorgeous. >> she didn't enkoushlg brandon to model. >> later these front r bros played house band at the after party. oh to be young, famous, and good looking. >> a were not finished with modeling stars. ahead, taylor swift's new man shows off is hot bod. how tom hiddleston became hollywo hollywood's new it guy. >> first shots of chelsea clinton's newborn and which oscar winner just welcomed baby girl. >> plus, get real and tonight's glam orout. cegro
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"finding dory" shattered box
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>> oh we've all done that in the car before. could not resist bopping h -phead along to the favorite so. >> for me, i full belt it out. >> my country comes on, i'm going to get t >> i know you do. reese is one of the stars we glam. while reese is proving she's so us. diana ross was seen pushing a grocery cart while picking up things at the st extreme ri us. big hair don't
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side. >> oh so us while shopping in a sleeve t and leather vest and enjoying cream. it wouldn't be cher without a little glam. her dessert run just happened to be in the south of france. back in la cameron diaz beating the heat. she usually can be found out doors was escaping the sun indoors while getting a pedicure. >> so us. >> party time for the kardashian clan. mermaid themmed party for kim's daughter who turned three last week a courtney's daughter who will be four july 8. aunt khloe and kylie were also on hand. the party to glam turn as only the cka kardashians know
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little mermaids themseeves. so glam and so cute. >> baby boom. blake lively, kelly clarkson. >> it really is difficult to plan around something like this. >> plus taylor swift's new man strips down. what you don't know about tom hiddleston. why they may be perfect for each other.
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that just answers the burning question. does taylor swift's new wear boxers or briefs. >> little bit of both. >> wearing nothing, but his undies in a sexy new photo spread. >> also answers a couple of otherquestions. and now we know what taylor sees in him. >> very dapper. as always for tom hidd >> i do my best, yyu know. >> chiseled cheekbones, piercing eyes and those guns. we can see why taylor snagged herself some of this, posing for wa
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ev he has rising it guy after playing in the thor movies and avengersshe made his mark on tv as a hotel employee turned spy in amc the night manager. the sexy role still has everyone buzzing he could be next james bond. >> any british tosh that gets a phone call and says do you want to james bond, there's no more enticing question than that. >> hank williams senior in a bio pick had to put him on taylor swift's radar. >> i've spent a lot of time in nashville. >> nashville, huh. that's where taylor cut her teeth and she really play. >> lover boy also is part scottish, like tay's ex. and he's an animal lover. perfect for self confessed cat >> we're supposed to be attached to animals. >> you can't forget his crazy dance
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he became the most tumbl about celeb. probably for the tumblr pages. >> i gave up looking at those. i do love dancing thhugh. i look forward to cutting a rug. >> let's see you move. now listen tom is on the record saying he wants kids, but taylor once said she's not sure if she wants to have children so now i'm thinking sh could be a problem. >> you know those discussions we have about you overthinking things. >> i'm going to back up now. >> you bring up babies. it like baby fooer was sweeping the country this ndeke from hollywood to washington, d.c. >> i just get more and more pregnant. >> that was chelsea with me back in may. she welcomed baby boy aidan on saturday just in tim for father's day. it's her second child. their daughter charlotte is almost to. the prod dad showed this picks, and, of course, hillaryan d bill took time off the campaign trail
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to meet their new grandson. me has an oscar. redmayne over the weekendst ju a year and a half after the couple tied the not. kelly clarkson show ed her love tweet third-degree pipick of hi daughter. >>. blake lively continues her reign as queen of maternity fashion. she was flawless heon t way to the today show this morning. her bump barely noticeable. then a quick change into outfit mber two gives us major equal goddess vibes. >> i'm one of five kids. my husband is one of four so we are officially where'de lly bre you can go on our websi we will give you some of our children. >> there is also a lot of baby excitement on the la se
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that is because daniela is expecting her secondchild. love interest eric christian olson is about to become a dad again too. it's all in the family. >> it could be magical. >> yes, ittcould be. >> daniela rua and eric christian olson are a couple on screen. in real life, they are in-law daniela is married to eric's brother. eric's stunt double on the show. eric is ma these two sister-in-laws are pregnant with their second child. >> i think the person who has the most challenge from this is eric. >> of course. >> he goes to work and then he has to be wi me. >> he doesn't get a break. >> both are already moms to little boys and their baby girls will be born within weeks of each other. >> always wanted one of each. i've got a really great relationship with my mom. she ta
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matter what you had, but as mom i'm happy you get tt have the experience of having agirll >> for her first baby, the bump >> how will the pregnancy aff your show and what the character is going through. >> i gave them the news when we finished the season. it really is difficult to plan -pfor something like this. they said we got this, don't worry about it. >> both ladies have a pregnancy craving. >> i was walking by this isle and i was like flaming chee toes, i want though. >> he was like no. >> i will totally i in chocolate. white, dark, i don't care. making me have cravings right now. daniela told us she's not worried about getting hir body back in shape after the baby. she enjoys working out. there's no pressure at work because it's a very family show. >> great environment. it was a very
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when brittany spears sister, jamie got pregnant. she opens up to us about being a teen mom and getting attacked by all the haters and also making big come back. >> i was about to have a child at 16 years old. do you think what someone printed about me mattered to me at that point in time. years ago she walked away from the spotlight. she plans her new country music come back. >> jay m jamie lyn conspiracy. >> that's tomorrow.
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unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants that keep our chickens healthy. and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. more like orega-yes, am i right? oregano, just one more way we bring you chickens raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way. >> keanu reeves feels excellent. new details on and ted 3. watch it onllne. today i'm wearing purple for a special reason to ho
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alzheimer's awareness month and alzheimer's association. >> great cause. join us tomorrow on the of prison break as fox brings series back to tv. >> tellinn us the onset accident that nearly ost him his life. >> it really is a story you want
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serve this where i work. it's over roasted and totally acidic. jodi, it's an aa meeting. the only thing this coffee needs to be is not vodka. you do know you two aren't fooling anyone, right? what are you talking about? mom, everyone knows you and steve are dating. no, they don't. jodi: yeah, they do. see? why are you even bothering keeping it a secret? i don't like people gossiping about my personal life. you gossip about other people all the time. i don't gossip, i deliver the news. how come you're not sitting with your boyfriend? he's not my boyfriend. oh, no. did you break up? we were never together. told you it wouldn't last. this, right here-- this is gossip. (mouthing)


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